What is Bizmonaco?

Bizmonaco is the reference for individuals, professionals and companies interested in the Principality of Monaco.
An exclusive Buiness Network where you can discuss business with the support of a highly qualified Team, able to introduce its users to the following services in the area:
  1. Business Consulting
  2. Tax Consulting
  3. Legal Assistance and Compliance
  4. Trust, Asset Planning and Foundations
  5. Administrative, Corporate and Accounting services
  6. Asset Management
  7. Home Service and Conciergerie
  8. Art Management and consulting

To which kind of users is addressed Bizmonaco?

  • Individuals
  • Entrepreneurs and companies
  • Global firms
  • Lawyers and Notaries
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Civil SCI monagasque company and patrimonial entities
  • Startups
Bizmonaco users are all the people interested to create networking, new business relations and advertising your business.

Is Bizmonaco application for free?

Yes, the account subscription is for free.

Why applying for Bizmonaco?

Bizmonaco is a valid tool for those who want to discover Monaco through the use of a business network. Bizmonaco is used to share and as a tool that allows you to access a series of important services in the territory of the Principality of Monaco.

Bizmonaco and the World of Business?

The Principality of Monaco is one of the best place in the world for doing and talk about business. All the users can take advantage of Bizmonaco to advertise the own business through Bizmonaco exclusive networking.

What services can Bizmonaco introduce me to?

Bizmonaco entrusts the management of the services offered to high level professionals by collaborating exclusively for the Principality of Monaco with Altiqa SAM

Business Consulting
We support companies and entrepreneurs, by offering them specialized and specific professional skills in every phase of their activity: from creation to transfer, strategic planning, operational management and transformation processes.

Tax Consulting
We help our clients identify and implement the best tax strategy, offering our advice and services in compliance with Swiss, Monegasque and international regulations.

Legal Assistance and Compliance
We assist our clients in supervising and managing corporate compliance obligations and legal issues.

Trust, Asset Planning and Foundations
We follow our clients' personal and family needs with the aim of protecting, enhancing and finally passing on their assets to the next generations. We also pursue charitable and public benefit causes.

Administrative, Corporate and Accounting services
We take care of our clients administrative needs. We work both in-house and at our customers' offices with the utmost precision, flexibility and confidentiality.

Asset Management
We help our clients in defining investment strategies, monitoring and managing their assets. (Allocation and all parts of the investment process)

Home Service and Conciergerie
We simplify our clients' relocation to Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco by assisting them with tailor-made services and solutions designed to meet the needs of a HNWI, expat and generally high standing and demanding clientele.

Art management and consulting
The Art Market is global industry growing in complexity and representing significant challenges, even to seasoned collectors and investors. Whether it is selling or placing Artworks, starting or building a collection, we can support the valorization of your assets, according to strict principles of independence and objectiveness

How can I apply for the services offered by Bizmonaco?

You can directly contact the Business development department team@bizmonaco.com

What costs do the services offered by Bizmonaco have?

Each service offered may have different costs depending on the case and the complexity of what is required, you can contact our Business Development office to get quotes or more information: team@bizmonaco.com

How can I apply to the flow MONACO and BUSINESS?

These flows are reserved to businesses and professional firms with certain characteristics and they are subjected to costs, for all the information you can contact the business development department: team@bizmonaco.com

Is it possible to promote activities or products on Bizmonaco?

Yes! It's possible to promote for free business and products in respect of Opportunity regulation.

Is paid advertising possible on Bizmonaco?

Yes! It's possible to increase the visibility on Bizmonaco buying advertising spaces, for further information please contact our Business development department: team@bizmonaco.com

Who can subscribe?

Any person, commercial activity, association, body and institution, from any sectors or nationalities may subscribe freely.

From what age may one register on Bizmonaco?

Subscription and use of Bizmonaco are allowed from 16 years of age.

How many posts can one publish per day?

There is no maximum number of posts, however an anti spam filter is set up to avoid repetitive publications.

Is it possible to report problems or to directly communicate with the Bizmonaco Team?

Of course! In the menu at the top right hand side, there is a section 'report an error' which is designed to allow users to send suggestions, requests and indicate possible errors etc…Feedback is fundamental to improve Bizmonaco, day after day.