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Monaco has been at the forefront of the luxury hotel industry for more than a hundred years. Join us on a guided tour of the best the country has to offer.

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The Pelagos Sanctuary is a maritime area covering 87,500 km2, and is the subject of an agreement between Italy, Monaco and France.

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Le Club Diamant Rouge de Monaco
The most spetacular way to enhance your visit to this enchanted land...

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What’s the difference between Monaco and Monte-Carlo?

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BBC Stories
Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and linked to glamour ever since Hollywood star Grace Kelly became the Princess of Monaco in 1956.

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After several months of renovations, the Place du Casino has finally revealed its new look a modern, open space entirely redesigned to accommodate visitors. #SBM

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The Oceanographic Museum reopens after 11 weeks of closure!

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Built in 1864 to entice visitors from around the world to visit the brand-new district of Monte-Carlo, the Hotel de Paris is one of the world’s best known and most luxurious hotels.

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Quand la Place du Casino
sera-t-elle accessible au public ?

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The Palace Guards: more than 200 years of history
The Palace Guards is one of the smallest armies in the world, alongside that of the Vatican. Protection for Prince Albert II and his family is provided by 119 men.

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Take Care Of Yourself, We Miss You!
With more than 3 billion people around the world under lockdown, airlines grounded and many airports closed, global tourism has ground to a halt. The Principality of Monaco has been heavily affected. During this hiatus for the tourism industry, the Monaco Government’s Tourist & Convention Authority is keen to stay in touch with everyone who loves to travel, whether they are already familiar with the Principality or are planning to visit once the crisis is over. Today, the tourist board is rolling out a new communication campaign to let them know just how much they are missed in Monaco!

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According to legend, it was on 8 January 1297 that, concealing weapons beneath his Franciscan monk disguise, François Grimaldi alias Malizia (the “Malicious”) conquered the fortress, thereby installing the dynasty that has reigned over Monaco for more than seven hundred years…

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Life in lockdown: a virtual tour of Monaco
From the Monaco Grand Prix boutique to Karl Lagerfeld’s mansion, it’s time to enjoy an afternoon out in Monaco without leaving your couch.

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Casino Square to be renovated by Easter

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Timelapse video: Monaco’s €2 billion land extension project
The Principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican and is home to the world’s most expensive property market. However, unlike the Holy See, Monaco has more room to manoeuvre and is currently reclaiming land from the Mediterranean Sea. Anse du Portier Monaco has released the latest video update show

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La Principauté de Monaco a organisé, du 21 au 23 février 2020, la 14ème rencontre artistique entre les deux pays, laquelle proposera une exposition de 200 œuvres d’artistes japonais et monégasques, ainsi que des ateliers à thème. Rencontre avec le pays du Soleil Levant.

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Avec son architecture Belle Epoque signée Garnier et son atrium aux 28 colonnes Second Empire, le casino de Monte-Carlo est entré dans la légende, devenant même un décor de cinéma dans les films « Goldeneye » ou « Ocean’s Twelve ».

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The Sphyrna Odyssey mission is using two new-generation marine drones powered by renewable energy to listen to cetaceans in the Mediterranean.

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Built in 1215, the Prince’s Palace has been the official residence of the Prince of Monaco since 1297.

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The most stunning luxury hotels in Monaco!
Monaco has been at the forefront of the luxury hotel industry for more than a hundred years. Join us on a guided tour of the best the country has to offer.

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Programme 36e Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse (sous réserve de modification)
Samedi 8 février 2020 : 11h00 Régate (premier signal d’attention)
Dimanche 9 février 2020 : 11h00 Régate suivie par la remise des prix

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